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Halt a Lingering Toothache with Gentle Root Canal Treatment

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Is Chronic Tooth Pain Dangerous?

A lingering toothache with pain that may radiate into the jaw should never be ignored, especially since these symptoms can be the result of a more serious tooth infection. Whether from an untreated cavity or tooth damage from a facial injury, tooth pain that is not evaluated and treated can lead to a spread of the infection and even tooth loss. Many times, tooth pain is a result of an infection in the tooth that requires root canal treatment to remove the infected pulp. We provide gentle root canal treatment that eliminates your tooth pain at the source and helps restore health and comfort back to your smile.

Dr. Garhardt Discusses Root Canal Procedures

Symptoms of a Tooth Infection

  • Chronic toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Sharp pain when biting
  • Swelling in face or lymph nodes
  • Recurring fever
Example of a Root Canal Procedure

A Simple Procedure Can Save Your Tooth

The primary goal of root canal treatment is to rid your tooth of the infection that is causing pain and sensitivity. Inflammation or infection occurs in the pulp inside the tooth root and requires a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the root canal. After the entire tooth area has been numbed with local anesthetic, we will create a tiny opening on the surface of the tooth, then gently remove all diseased pulp from inside the tooth. Once clear of infection, we will reshape the chamber and fill the space with gutta-percha, a biocompatible filling material. To protect the tooth and restore healthy function and aesthetics, we will place a custom dental crown over the treated tooth.

Gentle Treatment from an Experienced Dentist

Root canal treatments are routine procedures at our office and many of our treated patients are relieved and excited to no longer have any tooth pain or sensitivity once the procedure is complete. Dr. Steven Garhardt is experienced in treating tooth infection and has successfully performed many root canal procedures during his over 20 years of experience. Though root canal treatment traditionally holds negative connotations, we help ensure that your procedure is virtually painless with the help of local anesthesia and oral sedation, if needed. Let us help you eliminate your tooth pain with our gentle treatment!

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